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GUILD Wrestling: American Reckoning Results

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GUILD Wrestling: American Reckoning Results

Postby Goins » August 13th, 2012, 2:32 pm

The show kicked off with Simon Sez, Aaron Epic and Francisco Ciatso coming to the ring and telling the fans that they were the absolute best in the state at what they do and that there was NOONE in the locker room that could remotely compete with them in the ring. Their rant was interrupted by the NEW General Manager of GUILD Wrestling, Lou Reardon. Lou informed each of them that they would have a chance to prove how good they really were in their respective matches on the night with Mike Cruz, PYB Steve Goins and Kory Chavis.

Storm Goodlin won a hard fought back and forth matchup with the debuting Cali Kid.

Becki Kennedi won a solid women's match with Aisha Sunshine.

Mike Facen came to the ring and announced their would NOT be a tag team title match tonight because AJ Stoke was unable to be in attendance. New GM Lou Reardon stated that their WOULD be a title match and that Maze would replace AJ in the title defense.

The PS Players (Morgan Davis III and Joey Kidman) became the NEW GUILD Tag Team Champions when they pinned Maze. Afterwards Mike Facen took out his frustrations for the loss on one Maze.

Francisco Ciatso was successful in defending the Vintage Heavyweight title against Mike Cruz.

"Mr. Pump Yo Brakes" Steve Goins defeated Simon Sez by DQ when Sez slapped the referee. Sez got to keep the title- however new GM Lou Reardon stated that there would be a definitive winner on the night and restarted the match. Sez charged the ring irately and attempted the Sez Express, PYB was able to duck and roll up the champion for the pin to become the NEW GUILD North Florida Heritage Champion.

Kory Chavis retained the AIWF/GUILD Heavyweight Title in a 3 way dance with Aaron Epic and Jake Slater. Slater and Epic attempted to double team the champ, however Kory Chavis was able to isolate the opposition and pin Aaron Epic for the win.

Next show is scheduled for October 28th.
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Videos from Guild Wrestling in Tallahassee, Florida 8/12/12

Postby PainLord » August 14th, 2012, 12:50 pm

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Re: GUILD Wrestling: American Reckoning Results

Postby mrgulfcoast » August 17th, 2012, 7:52 am

Great videos pain lord!
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